Exciting news! We launched new website.

Exciting news! We launched new website.

In December 2020, we launched our new website just provide Improved performance for our customers.

Faster site speed

Compared to old platform, new website will run an average of 20% faster. Faster site speed make our customers to browse product information more quickly and easily find what they need, provide a better shopping experience.

User-friendly checkout

The checkout process in our new website is more streamlined, making it quicker and easier for customers to go from cart to completed order. It’s highly customizable and requires less steps and customer information. Reducing the checkout time just help our customers place order easily.

When a customer goes to checkout, will bring to a default guest checkout screen where they enter an email address. If this matches an existing customer, will give an option to checkout faster with saved information. Guests can create an account in one click from the order Thank You page. These features make our customers place order smoothly and easily.

More mobile-friendly

More and more customers are shopping on smartphones and tablets. Our team recognized this and made mobile responsiveness is a priority for our new website platform.

It comes with new responsively designed themes, integrated video, and easier checkout. The new website is touch-screen friendly. These all improve the look and function of our online stores on mobile devices, thus encouraging mobile user visit our new website.